About Taylor Recovery

Taylor Recovery, a pet friendly, luxury sober living community, is located on Houston’s east side, just outside of downtown. On a sprawling 22,000 square-foot campus, the newly renovated facility welcomes those who wish to continue their recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

In order to maintain the momentum gained in treatment, sober living helps ensure a safe and supportive environment while allowing those in recovery to keep their independence and practice new skills.

What is it that Taylor Recovery offers that sets us apart from all the other programs out there? We understand that each person is a unique individual, with a different history that led to his or her addiction. Each person also responds in his or her own way to the process of recovery. Knowing these things, we’ve created a program that can be adapted to each individual’s needs. And while we’re serious about helping our clients become clean and sober, we don’t believe that drug and alcohol sober living environments should feel like a prison sentence.

Our objective is to help each client rebuild their self-esteem and self-worth. We don’t believe people learn by being bullied; learning is most effective when the process is enjoyable. That’s why so much of our program focuses on reconnecting to the feelings of joy and happiness that get short-circuited by addiction. The real effectiveness of any recovery program is based on how the client reacts and responds to the tools that are made available during the process. We created a more holistic approach to sobriety. So often, when going through a recovery program, you are insulated from the real world and then, when your program is complete, you re-enter society with all of your former triggers still in place. The goal here is to increase participation in healthy activities that you can maintain after leaving the facility. The day-to-day living experience at Taylor Recovery takes a fresh approach to the sober lifestyle.

At Taylor Recovery, our clients receive all the tools they need to successfully accomplish these objectives and go on to live fulfilling lives of meaning and purpose and to recapture the simple joy of living.

Our professional experts work closely with you during all stages of your stay. We tailor your recovery plan to best suit your needs, helping you get to the root of all issues and making any adjustments required to ensure you succeed. We employ a range of traditional and alternative programs including, but not limited to step programs, surfing, yoga, a pet friendly facility and more.