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Is Your Teenager On Drugs? Potential Warning Signs to Watch Out For

teenager on drugs

In a recent survey, 81 percent of teens said they had an opportunity to use drugs while 42.5 percent tried the drugs. Teens deal with a lot of physical and emotional changes while growing, and there can be tremendous peer pressure from other teens to try drugs. If your teenager is acting out of character or their grades are slipping, you may

What is a Typical Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline?

alcohol withdrawal timeline

It's believed that as many as one in eight Americans is an alcoholic. If you're looking for addiction treatment and a way in which you can live a sober life, you're taking the right steps by visiting this website. 

Why Do People Use Drugs?: The Psychology Behind Drug Use

why do people use drugs

Drug addiction is a serious problem that most of us have heard about. If you grew up in the American school system, odds are you got a lot of lectures about the dangers of drugs. Yet there are more than 23 million Americans addicted to alcohol and drug

Road to Recovery: Why Sobriety is a Lifelong Commitment

Have you recently quit drinking? Congratulations! But a road to recovery is a lifelong commitment and it isn't always an easy journey. Staying sober and overcoming addiction is a difficult but worthwhile process. Whether you're doing this for yourself or your loved ones, to avoid a relapse you have to develop good habits. Sobriety takes practice and commitment. Learn why and pick up some sober living tips to help you along the way. Wha

5 Best Sober Travel Destinations

Are you living the sober life, but craving a vacation? Fantastic news! Vacationing does not always land you in a Spring break party scene. You can live a sober life and still experience the thrill of traveling. In fact, sober travel opens the door to all sorts of opportunities that the party scene often makes people sleep through. 5 Best Sober Travel Destinations You do not want to spoil your recovery by vacationing in a spot, li

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to a Sober Living Facility

Recovering from addiction isn't easy. Believe or not, bringing a pet to rehab can be of great benefit as you transition from rehab into a sober living facility. Having a furry friend can make a big difference in your recovery process, regardless of whether you're fresh out of rehab or have been sober for months. Let's take a look at a few ways a pet can help provide comfort to addicts in a sober living house. Pets Help With Loneliness

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