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Road to Recovery: Why Sobriety is a Lifelong Commitment

Have you recently quit drinking? Congratulations! But a road to recovery is a lifelong commitment and it isn't always an easy journey. Staying sober and overcoming addiction is a difficult but worthwhile process. Whether you're doing this for yourself or your loved ones, to avoid a relapse you have to develop good habits. Sobriety takes practice and commitment. Learn why and pick up some sober living tips to help you along the way. Wha

5 Best Sober Travel Destinations

Are you living the sober life, but craving a vacation? Fantastic news! Vacationing does not always land you in a Spring break party scene. You can live a sober life and still experience the thrill of traveling. In fact, sober travel opens the door to all sorts of opportunities that the party scene often makes people sleep through. 5 Best Sober Travel Destinations You do not want to spoil your recovery by vacationing in a spot, li

Benefits of Bringing Your Pet to a Sober Living Facility

Recovering from addiction isn't easy. Believe or not, bringing a pet to rehab can be of great benefit as you transition from rehab into a sober living facility. Having a furry friend can make a big difference in your recovery process, regardless of whether you're fresh out of rehab or have been sober for months. Let's take a look at a few ways a pet can help provide comfort to addicts in a sober living house. Pets Help With Loneliness

5 Tips for Finding Employment After Rehab

You, like 3 million other people, went to rehab to seek help. You were ready to end your crippling addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. A step in the right direction, you completed treatment with a few bumps and hurdles but nonetheless, you persevered. Leaving rehab left you feeling dignified and like a new person. However, going back to the real world isn't without its struggles as a recovering addict. After being months away, you need

How to Find Sober Roommates

Committing to sobriety is a huge step towards recovery from addiction. You have made the conscious decision to move past drug or alcohol use because you understand that your well-being-- and your life-- depends on it. But once you commit to sobriety, you'll face a ton of obstacles that will test your strength and willpower to stay sober. One of the keys to staying sober is to try and avoid situations that make you want to use. This mea

How to Support a Friend in Recovery

How to Be a Supportive Friend to Someone in Rehab If someone you know has a chemical dependency issue and goes to rehab, naturally, you want to be a supportive friend. It's important that you're supportive in the right way. In some cases, you might think you're helping, but you're actually making the situation worse. This article describes a few ways you can help a friend who is in rehab. Set Boundaries and Stick to Them

Intervention Gone Wrong: Why Some Interventions Fail and What to Do if Yours Does

Are you staging an intervention for a loved one? They're never easy but they necessary for your friend's health. No matter how good your intentions, some interventions just go wrong sometimes, just because your loved one gets upset and leaves. The intervention failing doesn't always mean that you've failed to help your friend. If you know what to do when i

What Does a Typical Day in Rehab Look Like?

Worldwide, 31 million people have drug use disorders. Alcohol use results in 3.3 million deaths each year. No matter the types of addiction, there is help. There are various drug treatment centers available. These centers offer a safe and supportive space for recovery. Here is what to expect in drug rehab on a daily basis. Mornings: Breakfast and Group Time Generally, you

How to End Toxic Relationships Once You’re Sober

If you've struggled with alcohol or drug abuse, you know that the addiction can have a drastic and negative impact on your relationships. Because of that, after becoming sober, you may find yourself having to make countless apologies in order to start the healing process for those you may have hurt. But what happens when your most toxic relationships haunt you after you've left rehab? If you continue to surround yourself with people you d

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