Effective Relapse Prevention


“Relapse Prevention needs to be integrated into each stage of the treatment and recovery process.”
– Terence T. Gorski

At the Taylor Recovery Center we believe that a complete recovery program consists of the right resources to prevent relapse. For this reason we strive to offer our clients the best relapse prevention tools, strategies and resources that allow for a consistent and successful transition into the fulfilling life that sobriety promises. Several of our relapse prevention strategies involve providing our clients with opportunities for one on one therapy with on site licensed counselors, on site live in staff members, effective community policies, morning meditation and evening wrap ups and random urinalysis testing for substance abuse.

Additionally, a weekly schedule of activities is carefully put together that includes scheduled AA and NA meetings our clients attend as well as fun recreational activities to help keep a fresh perspective. Our client’s are also encouraged to find a sponsor in a 12-step program of their choice and work the 12 steps as a way of successfully recovering. Having a sponsor allows our client’s to increase their support network and work with someone who is designated to be an empathetic and loyal recovery guide. Staff members also take an approach to client interactions that are influenced by the principles of compassion, support and empathy. In fact, several Taylor Recovery Staff members have been educated on the client centered therapeutic approach known as motivational interviewing, which aims to encourage a client’s personal motivation for change. Staff members are aware that friendly supportive interactions can aid in our client’s fanning their initial spark for sobriety into an ever-increasing flame.

Our clients not only have the previously stated resources but also have other amenities that can provide additional support such as a gym membership, three chef prepared meals daily and the option of bringing their pet with them to Taylor Recovery – yes we are pet friendly!

Our clients can feel confident that on the levels of community resources and staff professionalism Taylor Recovery provides the right place to prevent relapse and support continuous sobriety.

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