One of a kind in Houston – We are pet friendly!

hand-holding-paw-webHere at Taylor Recovery we offer what no other sober living community offers in Houston, a pet friendly facility.

At Taylor Recovery we understand that having the unconditional love of a pet can provide genuine companionship while one is embarking on the fulfilling road of recovery.

Additionally, research has shown pets impart many benefits to their caregivers, especially those in recovery.  As reported by Emily Battaglia in her article “How Pets Help Treat Addiction”, “research has shown that animals have the power to soothe, console, and uplift their human companions”.  It is further stated in Emily’s thorough report that “Pet owners who have good relationships with their pets consistently report lower stress levels.” The relationship between pet and owner can also allow for emotional healing to take place and for an increase in self-esteem.

Not only does having a pet provide companionship, but also a healthy level of responsibility. Providing for a pets needs allows for consistent upkeep, that when carried out, strengthens work ethic – yet another important trait that is sharpened in the recovery process. We at Taylor Recovery strive to give our residents the amenities and services that allow for the best environment to grow in their recovery.

Taking into account proven research, as well as countless personal experiences of the joy that comes in companionship with a loving pet, we are proud to offer the only pet friendly recovery community in the city of Houston.

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