The Truth Be Told: Can You Overdose on Marijuana?

About 52% of Americans say that they’ve tried marijuana before.  If you’re among them, you may have questions about overdosing on weed. Whether you use marijuana recreationally or for a medical purpose, it’s important to get your facts straight when it comes to marijuana and addiction.  So, can you overdose on marijuana? And do you […]

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What is a Typical Alcohol Withdrawal Timeline?

It’s believed that as many as one in eight Americans is an alcoholic. If you’re looking for addiction treatment and a way in which you can live a sober life, you’re taking the right steps by visiting this website.  You may be interested to learn the alcohol withdrawal timeline to know what to expect. Of course, […]

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5 Best Sober Travel Destinations

Are you living the sober life, but craving a vacation? Fantastic news! Vacationing does not always land you in a Spring break party scene. You can live a sober life and still experience the thrill of traveling. In fact, sober travel opens the door to all sorts of opportunities that the party scene often makes […]

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