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Alcohol and drug abuse are widespread in Texas, specifically in Houston. In the whole state, it was estimated in 2018 that almost 15% of the population had problems with alcohol or substance abuse at any given year. In Houston itself, 13% of deaths between 1999 and 2017 were related to drug and alcohol use.

While having a few drinks every few nights is normal and acceptable, some people have grown a dependence on alcohol. For these individuals, living without drinking is unbearable and signals a need to detox from their alcohol use. It is even more important when their alcoholism is interfering with their normal lives, like their jobs or relationships. 

Where To Go For Help With Alcohol Addiction

Houston has dozens of facilities that offer help to those with alcohol or substance abuse issues. They offer a way to stop the dependency on liquor and drugs to be able to live a normal life. For those seeking help, there are actually a few types of programs and treatments to choose from. Thus, there are factors to be considered when looking for a rehab center.

  • Setting: Are you looking for a residential inpatient program or do important responsibilities only permit an outpatient program?
  • Treatment Services Offered: While those seeking treatment for alcohol abuse might not need a lot of special services like medication-assisted detox, they might still want to ask what kinds of therapy or counseling are being offered. 
  • Specialized Rehabs: Are you looking for something specific, like holistic rehabs or other treatment centers that also work on mental health issues? Or if you are planning to stay for a while, do you need a dogs and cats friendly rehab center? These should be considered when looking for a clinic.
  • Length of Program: Detox programs are available for a shorter amount of time (30 days) but long-term options can be found as well (60, 90, or even more than 120 days).

How severe the addiction, as well as financial and personal situations, help answer the questions above. Some detox centers have other pluses, like offering employment training or counseling to ensure patients get back on their feet and can make a new start after their stint at rehab. 

The Cost Of Alcohol Rehab Centers in Houston

For many people, the financial aspect dictates where and for how long they spend rehabilitating. Not only is the loss of income (if going for an inpatient program) a common worry, the cost of the program itself is something that needs to be clarified. Fortunately, even if you have no health insurance, some facilities offer help or payment assistance to patients suffering from alcohol addiction.

The first step is to determine what your coverage is (if you have health insurance). The easiest way is to contact the provider, as they are normally required to cover alcohol detox Houston treatment. You will end up with a list of services covered. 

You can start the search for treatment centers that are covered, using various databases recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Once you find a suitable center, you can schedule an assessment with a counselor or therapist. 

What You Can Expect During Rehab

Because each patient and situation differ, the methods for addiction treatment varies as well. Plus, there are new approaches coming out or changing often. Still, the core ideas are similar.

As mentioned above, the first step to expect when you visit your alcohol detox in Houston program is an assessment. The goal is to tailor a treatment plan for each individual patient. This depends highly on factors like what kind of addiction he is suffering, how severe it is, and other challenges that may affect the treatment (like mental health issues). 

The next step is detox, which is the phase of eliminating the body’s dependence on the substance. The withdrawal can be tough, so the symptoms might need to be managed. 

To ensure long-term recovery, therapy is necessary. Counselors try to look at the reason(s) for addiction, before giving them tools to overcome it once and for all. 

While the program has already successfully treated addiction, aftercare supports patients in transitioning back to normal life. It builds upon the treatment received at the center and helps avoid relapses. It is a normally neglected step of the rehab process, especially as patients are confronted with the same influences and stresses that drove them to drink in the first place. In fact, successful rehabilitation is not determined when patients leave the center. Long-term recovery is the most important determinant.

Life After Rehab

There are tons of aftercare programs that provide support for recovering addicts, the most popular of them the 12-step meetings. But there are also follow-up visits for individual or group therapy sessions, as well as sober living homes. 

12-step meetings are numerous, covering many different kinds of addiction. Even those who have not had a drink in years still participate, to both maintain sobriety and to provide support to other recovering addicts. The meetings focus on supporting and encouraging everyone through their individual journeys and celebrating as everyone progresses through each step. Because they are accessible (found in many public places around) and free, many patients take part in these meetings.

On the other hand, sober living homes are very helpful to those who have no stable environment to lean back on after rehab. They can slowly transition to living on their own, providing a safe home while they get back on their feet. Residents can stay for as short as a few months to as long as a couple of years, as long as they are able to maintain sobriety and follow all the rules. They might have to share in the costs and help with the chores.


There is no need to live with alcohol addiction, especially when it interferes with living a fruitful life. It’s a good thing there are detox facilities in Houston that support recovering addicts treat their dependency on alcohol, both immediately after detoxing and years after the last drink.

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