Alcohol Rehabilitation Sober Living Homes A Need During the Pandemic

Alcohol Rehabilitation Sober Living Homes A Need During the Pandemic


Alcohol Rehabilitation Sober living homes are in demand amidst the pandemic. With rehab facilities operating at half capacity due to quarantines and stay-at-home protocols issued by local government units, alcohol rehab patients are seeing the need to have an environment they can recover in.

Sober Living Homes as a Complement to Rehab

Alcohol rehabilitation in Houston has been a traditional way of recovering from alcohol abuse. A complement to this kind of treatment is sober living homes. Sober living homes are residences where a group of recovering individuals lives together. These homes also go by the names of ¾ houses, halfway houses, and transitional housing. It is a lot similar to living in a person’s home except that they are not with their friends or family. Instead, they are with other people who are on the same journey to alcohol recovery.

Apartment sober living in Houston varies depending on the residence. Some residences are owned by private individuals while others are owned by organizations and businesses. Nonetheless, these sober living homes focus on one objective – to keep the residents sober until they end their residence. This means that there are food and beverage restrictions since some contain alcohol content.

While sober living houses are known to produce positive results to its residents, experts do not advise it to be a substitute for alcohol rehab in Houston. Instead, it is recommended to go through a sober living home once rehabilitation has been done.

Advantages of Sober Living Homes

Sober living homes offer several advantages that make it an advantage to those who are looking to have additional rehabilitation. One of the unique advantages that only sober living homes can offer is a gradual return to ordinary life. Compared to rehab centers, sober living homes require their residents to fend for themselves. This means that they still do chores, buy their own food and toiletries, and contribute to society whether in the form of studies or work.

Another advantage of sober living homes is social connection. While social connections are present in and outside of rehab, sober living homes create a different bond between the residents. Since all residents are required to stay sober for the duration of their stay, housemates learn to look out for each other, even encouraging one another to stick to the goal.

Needless to say, sober living homes in Houston are the city’s way of re-introducing the resident to society. This is not just a means to recover, but also a means to find purpose in the life that awaits them. The openness of the sober living home allows the resident to move freely while being able to exercise restraint and discipline through guidelines and curfews.

Overall, sober living homes are helpful in reducing the chances of a relapse by offering a more sustainable way of treatment for the patient. It is a holistic way of treating the patient through social, physical, and mental practices that are close to the real world.

Sober Living Homes as Essential During the Pandemic

With the citizen’s eyes focused on each city’s response to the pandemic, issues revolving alcohol rehabilitation still remain in the city of Houston. Since more people are confined indoors, issues of abuse can be reinforced especially for households that are deemed unsafe for the recovering patient. Moreover, households can be a source of stress and anxiety that can trigger a relapse from patients.

Due to these implications of quarantines, sober living homes are encouraged by the Houston local department to remain operational. These institutions are proven to be helpful to society and this is seen now more than ever due to the pandemic. As such, rehabilitation centers are encouraged to remain operational as well due to their importance in maintaining the health of Houston’s citizens.

In the cases where a sober living home or a rehabilitation center chooses to stay operational, safety protocols are required to be implemented on the premises. Mass gatherings remain prohibited even for staff. Social distancing should still be present on the premises (except for sober living homes). These rules apply even for the doctor and the patient during their sessions. Everyone is also required to wear a mask.

Changes in How Sober Living Homes are Run

While sober living homes are deemed as essential for those in rehab, new guidelines on the residents should be in place to maintain safety among its residents.

One such change would be the ins and outs of residents. Instead of being allowed to go out beyond curfew hours, residents are required or at least encouraged to stay home unless for essential travel. Essential travel only includes buying necessities, food, and medicine. Grocery runs are encouraged to be done sparingly, with one or two residents per house going out.

Another change in the guidelines would be the work schedule. Since those in sober living homes in Houston are still allowed to contribute to society in one way or another, those who are required to work on-site shall be allowed to do so. However, those that can have an option to work from home or study at home are encouraged.

Changes in the house rules vary from one residence to another and individual owners of houses are free to implement rules that will ensure the safety of the residents. Meanwhile, medical professionals urge residents and aid in sober living homes to be mindful of the mental health effects the pandemic can bring to its residents.

The Future for Sober Living Homes

As the cases continue to rise everywhere in the United States, residents and doctors are encouraged to stay strong amidst the on-going unrest and anxiety. Now, more than ever, sober living homes help take care and heal those who have been under alcohol abuse. During this time in the pandemic, sober living homes will serve as a safe place for those who have been in and out of rehabilitation centers and those who are experiencing relapses due to anxiety caused by social issues and household dynamics.

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