How Your Pets Can Help Stabilize Your Alcohol Detox in a Houston Rehab Program

How Your Pets Can Help Stabilize Your Alcohol Detox in a Houston Rehab Program

Recovering from an addiction is difficult for everybody. Whether you have been drinking for a long time or not, you will find it difficult to remove your body’s dependency on the liquor. Rehab centers are there to help with your alcohol detox, but the journey to full sobriety will take time.

At times, you might feel very lonely, especially when your family and friends do not understand what you are going through. Plus, when you are going to an in-patient rehabilitation center, you will be far away from everyone familiar. Your counselors do their best to help out and make their patients comfortable during their stay but the feeling of loneliness is normal during this challenging period.

Many places do not allow pets or animals in their centers, which is sad considering how they make for the best recovery companions. A beloved dog or cat can help with the transition from alcohol dependency, especially when the withdrawal symptoms hit during detox. They can also reduce the feelings of being isolated, thanks to their love and warmth of a pet.

Some Houston rehab facilities try to incorporate pet therapy into their programs, even if it is getting their patients taking care of orphaned or abandoned animals. It is not the same as having their own pets during their stay at the rehab center.

Advantages of Having Pets During Rehab

1. Pets Help With Your Mental Well-Being

The benefits of pets during the detox period is based on actual therapy, called Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). It has been proven by research as effective when it comes to treating mental health issues and substance abuse. Even patients who have never had pets have reported higher levels of recovery and lower levels of depression and anxiety after some interaction with a pet.

Listening to a cat’s purring or petting a dog releases endorphins. When you are still recovering from an addiction, your brain is still not producing normal levels of endorphin. Discovering ways to stimulate the brain, from specific hobbies to exercise, is a very important part of recovery. Because interaction with pets has the same result, it can truly be a good addition to any rehab program.

2. Pets Give You A Sense Of Responsibility

Pets rely on humans to take care of them. Unfortunately, many people believe that recovering addicts cannot handle any responsibility. In fact, giving them tasks will help build accountability. Taking care of pets is one of the small ways to help them take ownership of their personal lives and other responsibilities.

First of all, having a pet by your side during recovery will help strengthen commitment and even help give you a sense of purpose. It will provide the push in the direction you need to go. On the other hand, the love and feedback from the pet will motivate you to stick to recovery.

3. Pets Will Improve Social Skills

An addiction can really destroy relationships and make it tough to create connections with other people. Plus, when people are on a journey to sobriety, other people might find it hard to relate to them and their struggles. You might feel isolated and withdrawn even from your closest friends.

A pet does not need to understand how the human world works, they simply try to be there emotionally for you. They will bond with you and be there for you when you need someone, and they may even understand you more than any other human. You will definitely not need to feel awkward and uncomfortable with a pet, because they are not the type to judge or be prejudiced against you for being a recovering addict.

4. Pets Will Keep You Active

One of the reasons why people get dogs is because it forces them to go out and take a walk every day. There is also a lot of documentation on how physical activity helps with detox and addiction recovery. Patients also go through a lot during withdrawal, including anxiety and depression. Doing exercise stimulates the production of endorphins and beating depression. Plus, it helps rewire your brain and bring feelings of happiness. Unfortunately, for those who are inactive, exercising is not always easy to do on a daily basis.

On the other hand, walking a dog does not feel like exercise but it gets patients more active. Even when they might not feel like they are not “up to” it, they might feel motivated when they see their dog bouncing up and down energetically.

5. Pets Make You Feel Secure

Alcohol detox and addiction recovery is a tough journey, and you might be feeling insecure about your future. In fact, it is normal to be worried about how you will get over your alcohol dependency and go back to leading a normal life. In these times of uncertainty, you will love the peace and stability that your pet’s love and companionship offer you. Because if there is something constant in this world, it is that your pet loves you and will stay with you no matter what.

There are many steps you need to take to fully recover, like leaving family and your job behind to go to rehab and making huge changes to avoid relapsing. The road can be tough and you will have many moments of fear and temptation. When you do not have the emotional support from other humans, your pet will step in and provide that. In good times and bad, you can rely on its love.


A pet is not a magic pill that will suddenly help in your recovery, but it can truly play a huge role in it. This is a fact that has been proven by research and feedback from other recovering addicts, which is why more and more rehab centers are incorporating this approach. If you are interested in having your pet with you during this journey, then make sure you find a rehab center that is pet-friendly and will allow it to stay with you during your recovery.

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