Pets To Aid in Alcohol Rehabilitation in Houston

Pets To Aid in Alcohol Rehabilitation in Houston

 Alcohol rehabilitation is a continuous pursuit by the city of Houston. With increasing numbers of alcohol addiction, different ways of containing and rehabilitating alcoholics are being explored. One such exploration is the opening of pet-friendly rehabilitation centers.

Pets as Advantageous for Alcohol Rehabilitation

Pets have long been beneficial for mankind. Whether people are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) or stress, dogs and cats are proven to be additional aid in improving the lives of the people in Houston.

Research claims that pets offer a form of therapy to their owners. Since the former is able to give “unconditional love”, their owners soon learn the value of caring and accepting their current state. There is no judgment and therefore no anxiety on how a person should act or speak towards their pet. The dog or cat embraces everything about its owner.

Pets are also great companions. This is a proven fact even for those not suffering from any form of addiction. Not only are they live beings but they also require socialization and empathy. These things further aid the rehabilitation of those under alcohol abuse. Owners call them “stress balls” since these domestic animals help in reducing stress and anxiety levels in the household.

Generally, there are not a lot of pet-friendly alcohol rehabilitation centers in the United States. However, a pet-friendly alcohol rehab in Houston is not difficult to find. Several centers have opened their doors in accepting pets to stay with their owners while the latter is undergoing rehabilitation.

Ups and Downs of Being a Pet-Friendly Rehab Center

Alcohol rehabilitation with your dogs and cats has its own pros and cons. Initially, rehabilitation centers are reluctant to have pets over due to a lack of manpower and focus. Pets may be beneficial, but once they become disruptive, the rehabilitation session becomes pointless. There is also the question of caring for the pets. When the owner is in a session, pets are left to fend for themselves or watched by rehab staff. This is the primary contention of rehab centers that are refusing to allow pets in their premises.

On the other hand, alcohol detox treatment in Houston, Texas is allowing pets to stay in their centers. Not only are they allowed inside, but they are also allowed to join their owners during their treatment sessions. To these centers, having a pet by their owner’s side will help the latter pick-up the practices that will, later on, help them get to recovery.

Pet-friendly rehab centers also encourage patients to own a cat or a dog to aid in relapses. Since alcohol recovery is not a straight line, rather an up and down journey, doctors encourage having pets that will help those relapses become more manageable even when the patient is not in their session.

Protocols for Pet Owners

While protocols vary from center to center, there are general guidelines that should be observed when entering the premises of the rehab center.

One of those general guidelines is ensuring that the pet does not loiter and litter. Owners are required to place diapers on their pets to ensure that they do not defecate on the premises. This guarantees that even if pets are not trained, their litter will not be for the rehab staff to clean.

Another general guideline among pet-friendly rehab centers is to keep the dog near its owner. For centers that do not have pet pens to contain the animals, pets are required to be with their owners during their sessions. To make the most of this companionship, doctors incorporate treatment with exercises that involve the dog or cat. For some, the pets are placed in one corner while the owner goes through rehab.

Alternatives for Non-Pet-Friendly Centers

Pet-friendly alcohol rehab centers are available in Houston, but there are still centers that do not allow entrance of pets. When faced with this problem, owners are urged to either look for a different rehab center or leave their dog to the care of someone else.

Looking for a different rehab center has its own implications. If a patient is comfortable with a specific doctor, then this pushes them to continue their treatment under the care of the doctor. If the center is not pet-friendly, then the patient would be forced to leave the dog to somebody’s care during his or her sessions. While pets are advantageous, professionals urge patients to see the value in seeking professional help aside from owning a pet.

For rehab centers that do not allow pets, owners may contact a relative or friend to look after their cat or dog. Pet-caring services are also available in the entirety of the city. A dog walker or a caretaker is a good option if asking for a favor adds to the owner’s anxiety.

Another option is to leave the dog in pet care centers. Pet care centers are the equivalent of daycare centers for children. In a pet care center, owners are assured that their pets are taken care of by pet experts. The owner’s anxiety will be managed knowing that their pet is in good hands.

Importance of Professional Help

With more and more alcohol rehabilitation centers allowing pets in their premises, professionals are encouraging patients to focus and not take their sessions for granted. Pets may be beneficial to the recovery of the patient, but this is only complementary to the professional guidance given by doctors. Patients should still strive to follow their sessions amidst their pet lurking beside them.

In conclusion, alcohol rehab patients can receive complementary recovery methods through owning a cat or a dog. Caring for pets is considered to be therapeutic and proven effective in managing a person’s addiction, be it to alcohol or drugs. Moreover, a patient who suffers from other mental illnesses may find solace in owning a pet.

As the medical field embraces other ways of rehabilitating patients, Houston rehab centers will continue to open doors for dogs and cats alike.

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