Sober Softball League

Sober-Softball“When I got sober, I thought I was saying goodbye to all the fun and the sparkle, and it turned out to be just the opposite. That’s when the sparkle started for me”

– Mary Karr




At the Taylor Recovery Center we believe that staying active and having fun are essential to the recovery process. We understand that having fun sober not only causes stress to flee, but that it motivates our clients to press forward and experience the joy and excitement of a life lived without the abuse of drugs and alcohol. For this reason we as a community regularly play in a sober softball league.

Since September 2014 team Taylor Recovery has been gearing up on Friday evenings to go head to head against other teams made up of our friends in the recovery community. The games are professionally umpired and played on well-kept fields provided by the Houston Parks and Recreation Department. Staff members, current clients and alumni come together for two games every Friday, when games are in season, in what we have experienced to be great sober fun.  In fact, our current and past clients have shown strong support for our continued involvement in the sober league. We even have our own custom Jerseys!

We also participate in regular softball tournaments both inside and outside the Houston area. These tournaments take place on Sunday mornings and have provided our residents with a fun weekend activity. This past fall 2014 we took 2 trips to Austin, TX, once in October and again in December. In our first tournament in Austin we won our division and brought a first place trophy back home! The trips have also provided our clients with opportunities to meet other friends in the recovery community and create some wonderful memories as they recreate their lives.

Though the softball league provides a safe and fun competitive challenge for our residents who chose to play, we believe that the main priority is to provide an activity for all our clients, whether they have past softball experience or not, to participate in. We believe the main goal is to provide our clients with an optional stress relieving and life enriching activity to participate in.  Currently, as of April 2015 we are actively in season. We as a community look forward this season to staying active, having fun on Friday evenings playing as a team and experiencing the joy of recreating our lives clean and sober.

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